What’s The Best Vehicle for You – Vehicle Body Styles Explained

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Making the most logical decision while purchasing a new set of wheels has become complex, mainly due to so many choices. The options available are intimidating; almost all automakers offer everything from Hatchbacks, SUVs, and Saloons to Convertibles and Coupés. Let’s explore what the car market has to offer in different categories:


There is a reason for hatchback’s dominance in the current landscape; they are agile, versatile, can tackle urban roads and motorways alike, seat 4 to 7 persons with ease, frugal on the gas and are easy to maintain. Plus, their everyday practicality has no parallel. They do lack the boot space though. Nowadays, they come in varying sizes and are blurring the lines between minivans and compact station wagons. Also, the fact that they are at the bottom of price points in most cases doesn’t hurt their case either. We can go on and on regarding their pros, unless you come upon some luxuries that are almost never offered on hatchbacks to keep their prices down, like sunroof which is still a novelty in this segment.

Saloons/ Sedans:

This segment can be chopped down into compact, medium, full size and now even a sub-compact category has emerged. All come with four doors, a separate boot and seat 5 adults, 2 in front and 3 in back. The level of comfort varies a lot. Compact saloons are not as roomy as medium and full-sized saloons and that’s the reason their engines are small and they are priced just above hatchbacks. You do get better mileage with smaller engine though, and the luxuries don’t vary that much across the range, especially if you can pay for the extra accessories. At least you get the option of getting some high-end features in your saloon, regardless of its size.

Crossovers and Compact SUVs:

The difference between the two is almost nonexistent, and in most cases automakers differentiate through design – cosmetic changes only. Most of them share chassis and engine (within the same brand) and some even are based on the chassis of their saloon siblings. If you want a decent off roader, not hardcore just a moderate run off the tarmac, then these are the best options. They are gaining immense popularity in urban areas because of their heightened ride, spiky handling, upscale features as standard and roominess. They are the reason for the decline of mid-sized sedan segment globally, as they both are almost at similar price points.

Pickup Trucks:

Also known as UTEs or utility vehicles in Canada, pickup trucks were once America’s favorite because of their intimidating looks, uncompromising off road abilities, huge loading and towing capacity, and decent seating. However, with the rise in gas prices, they shrank in size. They are designed for outdoor and camping enthusiasts and people who generally have to haul large loads for work. Cramped up rear seats make them less than ideal for a family of four (not true for double cabs), making their appeal limited to hardcore load bearing workforces and enthusiasts.


Larger and more capable relatives of Crossovers and Compact SUVs, they offer up-parallel off-roading features with spacious interior that is usually fitted with every gadget and road assistance tech imaginable. These are among the flagships, along with full size luxury sedans, in the current automotive scenarios. Mainly for people with more spending power, they can seat a family of seven with ease, so they can be the go-to-choice for large families, even if they don’t need to go off road.

However, these are not the most agile vehicles in cities, so parking and maneuvering remains a big dent in their armor. They used to be gas guzzlers, but now most automakers are introducing hybrids, that not only lower their emission and improve their gas mileage, but also make them more responsive and fun to drive.

Estates and Station Wagons:

Though these terms are often used interchangeably nowadays, but initially estates were sedans in a hatchback disguise. With bigger boxier boot, they appeal to urban dwellers who have to haul loads of cargo daily, in most cases school bags. A station wagon is a more targeted approach towards the same segment. With sliding doors, boxier van like body, they seat 7 persons comfortably along with their luggage. If convenience is all you need while travelling heavy, then Station Wagon is the best choice, as they are also more efficient than crossovers and compact SUVs, however they are not the best lookers on roads and are labeled as ‘mom cars’.

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