What are the current Honda Cars?

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Honda is a Japanese conglomerate that specializes in manufacturing automobiles, commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, electric generators, water pumps, lawn and garden equipment, rotary tillers, outboard motors, robotics, jet aircraft, jet engines, thin-film solar cells, and internavi (telematics). The company has a list of subsidiaries through which they market their products. Visiting Car service reviews websites could help in providing you with all the necessary information about Honda.

History of Honda Automobiles

Honda started as an automotive manufacturing company in 1963, with the first release of Honda T360, a car built for the Japanese Market. Today Honda has a vast range of modern cars in its stock with different functionalities and for different categories of people.

Current Honda Car Models

Several car outlets such as Kemimoto and others offer different models of Honda automobiles in the market. Some of the current car models released by Honda include:


Released in 2011 for the Southeast Asian market, the vehicle is an entry-level hatchback currently produced in Indonesia for several south-east Asian markets.


It was released in 1972 but has a 2019 update for the global market. The vehicle is a hatchback version of the Civic compact car.


First released in 2001, with a hatch of 2019 for the global market. The vehicle is a practicality-oriented subcompact hatchback/supermini hybrid and e: HEV available.


First released in 1976, its current model was released in 2017 for the global market. The vehicle is a mid-sized sedan. It has a hybrid version and also available as Inspire in China.


First released in 2013 as Bio Amaze, its current model was released in 2018 for the Indian market. The vehicle is an entry-level sedan engineered for the Indian market.


First released in 1981 as a hatchback and as a sedan in 1996, its current model is 2019 and it is launched for the global market. The vehicle is a subcompact/compact sedan. They claim the latest generation is destined for emerging markets.


Launched in 1972, its current model was released in 2015 with a 2018 facelift for the global market. The car is a compact sedan. It has the oldest continuous nameplate used in a Honda automobile.


First released in 2016 for North America and Japan, the automobile is an alternative fuel vehicle. It is available as a battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell.


First released in 2013, its current model is 2018 for the Chinese market. The vehicle is exclusively manufactured by GAC-Honda.


Released in 2018 for the Chinese market, the automobile is a restyled version of Crider. Exclusively manufactured by Dongfeng Honda.


First released in 1985 with its current model being 2014 and a facelift of 2017, the auto was released for the Japanese Market. It is Honda’s flagship sedan model. It’s a rebadged version of the Acura RLX executive car for the Japanese Market.


First released in 1994 with its current model 2013 and a facelift of 2017 for the Southeast Asian market, the car is a three-row minivan with sliding doors engineered for the Japanese Market.

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