Used Honda CRV Specifications and Prices in October 2019

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Used Honda CRV – Since its release in 2000, the Honda CRV has managed to attract the attention of the people of the country. I was so excited, making this car sales could reach 17,000 units in just one year. In addition, the price that is not too expensive is also their own consideration. Then what if in the used car market? What is the current price of a used CRV car?

Before you know what the price of a used CRV car at this time, it would be nice for you to know the specifications and features that are embedded by Honda in its CRV. Honda itself makes its own standard features in each country for CRV products, where Honda CRV in Canada has more sophisticated features than CRV in the Market.

Interior & Features Used Honda CRV


In the interior, Honda pinned a number of changes to the CRV it made, such as the highest variant that has been embedded with a fairly sophisticated audio system, then there is also an electric system to adjust the seats in such a way, as well as parking brakes that have used the Auto Hold feature, which is a feature which will function as an automatic brake when the driver stops on an uphill road without the need to hit the brakes.

However, for its performance variants, Honda has not pinned automatic lights or automatic wipers. As for the multimedia system, Honda has pinned a cellphone mirroring feature that is fairly sophisticated for now.

Honda also enhances the comfort of its passengers by pinning the sunroof feature so that it helps in maintaining the freshness of the cabin, and to support the sunroof feature, Honda also embeds a NANOE-based (nanocluster) air purifier system.

Engine & Fuel Consumption

Honda CRV cars are given a capacity of 1.5 liters that has been equipped with a turbocharged, making this car more exploratory. This car is also capable of responding to the engine very responsively so that it is able to spin very lightly until it reaches its maximum spin limit.

With the turbocharged pinned on this car, making CRV power become more and more refined when it is powered up to 190 PS very well, this also applies to the more accommodating torque even when asked to climb.


The latest Honda CRV has been equipped with a braking system that uses advanced technology, such as 6 airbags that are embedded in all parts of the cabin. In addition, Honda also embed ABS brakes as well as the Brake Assist guide and EBD so as to make drivers more confident when driving using CRV.

The following is the price of a used CRV car in March 2020 which was successfully summarized by OTOmart:

CRV 2.42005$26,783  
CRV 2.42006$13,296  
All New CRV 2.0 A / T2007$22,567  
All New CRV 2.0 M / T2007$26,112  
All New CRV 2.0 A / T2008$30,125
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